United We Communicate, some meaningful philosophies and thought of noble minds so that it reaches a common man enriching his life.

In the society a publication house has a special role to play. ‘Shiv Om Sai Prakashan’ is dedicated to works which promotes intellectual excellence and is driven by the vision and values of UWC group. It was specially formed in search of unexplored talent and creativity.

At Sai Publication we offer a perfect combination of high quality content and strong sales promotional activities. Our effort is to provide the longest possible shelf life and widest possible readership to the book.

The mission behind the start of the publication house by UWC groups is as noble as the philosophies it publishes. The money generated by the group through this is used for social deeds like funding child education, getting poor girls married and others.

  • ‘Pran Kavya’
'Pran Kavya' (philosophy), written by Shri Manoj Thakkar was released by Bharat Ratna Late Shri Bismillah Khan Saheb.

It is a philosophic adaptation of ‘Madhushala’ by Shri. Harivansh Rai Bachchan. It has been appreciated by many renowned authors and artist from various sectors across the nation. Some of the eminent known authors opined, "Giving reviews on such a high level content is beyond our scope."

  • ‘Kashi Marnanmukti’
'Kashi Marnanmukti', a Hindi philosophic novel based on the spiritual journey of a Chandaal is written by Shri Manoj Thakkar and Rashmi Chhazed and released by Smt. Indu Jain, Chairperson, Times Group largest media conglomerate of India.

The story based on the life of its protagonist 'Maha' who in the course of his spiritual journey to find his Guru, finds enlightenment and touches the height of divinity.

The novel includes messages from Vedas, Puraans and Upanishads which seem difficult to comprehend to today’s generation in their original form while here the same content is much more understandable since it is available in a simpler narrative form like a story.