United Works Corporation

About the Group

The history of UWC stretches back to college times, when coming together of 16 individuals took place at a common point under the guidance of Mr. Manoj Thakkar and the entire group bonded in a professional relation.

Just like a Banyan tree, UWC’s 16 pillars form the strength of company who are deep rooted and have strong establishment to attain the best outcome derived from diversity with absolute consensus and true commitment.

As the real foundation of the tree in not visible to one and all similarly our skills and qualifications blend amongst each other in a very intricate manner and are not identified individually but as a union of proficiencies.

The trees interlinked roots and branches stand as a symbol to describe the unity within its diversity, UWC’s various verticals grew one after the other with equivalent strength and individuality.

Correlating with a Banyan tree which stands for ever growing prosperity …a tree that provides shelter and protection to many…a seat of wisdom, we at UWC, work towards achieving the best under the sky.

As the saying goes, United we stand, United Works Corporation (UWC) stands for its name.

UWC is a professionally managed organization under the management of a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs belonging to diversified fields.

When energies of 16 individuals come together, they produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual outcomes, which suffices the sole aim of our union i.e. SYNERGY, creating something larger than life.

Innovative brains with high expertise and strong roots in various fields make DIVERSITY our core to establish a greater sense of collaboration and trust among the team, client and stake holders.

Working on a common node, we take all the decisions on the basis of wide-ranging CONSENSUS, with a selfless approach to attain set targets.

The COMMITMENT to the organization and the intense efforts we put in our work are greater than one finds in most other organizations.

Long term relationship & QUALITY of work are the accomplishments we strive for our client.

Touching the lives of people through a diversified presence in various segments:

  • Financial Services
  • Food Processing
  • Publication
  • Textiles