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"Kashi Marnanmukti" Manoj Thakkar honored at the Parliament of Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Australia, June 6th, 2012

The Leader of the Victorian State Labor party & Shadow Multi Cultural Minister, Mr. Daniel Andrews with Member of Parliament (MP), Victoria State & Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Jude Perrera invited and honored Shri Manoj Thakkar, the author of the book “Kashi Marnanmukti” at the Victorian Parliament in Australia.

Mr. Daniel Andrews Leader of the Opposition Labor Party specifically came to meet Mr.Thakkar, even when the Parliament was in session and gave a warm welcome to the author and received his eminent work, the Hindi philosophical novel Kashi Marnanmukti. On this occasion he said that literature in any language makes stronger relations between countries than anything else because it is a universal asset.

Mr. Jude Perrera, State MP gave a personal tour of Victorian Parliament and bestowed Mr. Thakkar with an honor to witness Parliament in session of the Houses, The House of Lords and House of Commons. The Parliament of Victoria is one of the oldest and most beautiful Parliaments of the Southern Hemisphere constructed almost two centuries back. He narrated the history of the Parliament stating that it has the power to make laws for the state of Victoria in any matter as per the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth. During the tour Author met with the librarian, Parliament Library, one of the most accomplished libraries of Australia. They shared their personal views on Book Kashi Marnanmukti written by Manoj Thakkar and Rashmi Chazzed (Gadiya). Librarian also remarked that this book is going to be indelible possession in their collection and will enhance their library’s literature strength.

The author believes that thou have chosen him as a medium for writing this book and all the fame, honor and such movements is purely a Grace of God and his Guru Shri Shirdi Sai Baba ji which has descended upon him in the form of this book. He has dedicated all the proceeds of the book for developing a care home for mentally retarded children.