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"Kashi Marnanmukti" stepping towards World Literature

Kathmandu (Nepal), March 15th, 2012

President Nepal Dr.Ram Baran Yadav invited Author Mr. Manoj Thakkar for his book ‘Kashi Marnanmukti’ based on story of its protagonist attaining heights of Lord Shiva (Pashupatinath). Dr.Yadav born & brought up in Mithila, stayed for 10 years in Kolkata said, “this book is world heritage in Indian Philosophy and Ganga-yamuna culture, himalaya, Gita unites both the nation. Pasupat philosophy and book on Kashi is symbol of cultural unity. As a president I owe my duties to my nation but Mr. Manoj Thakkar, a fakir, laureate, Psychiatrist and a Guru who directs youth for spiritual and commercial growth and other nation too need people like him. He is a unique kind of social activist and must be honored and respected for that.” Mr. President proposed United Works Corporation, The organization established by disciple of Mr.Thakkar for new projects in Nepal and promised to facilitate for the same.

Hindi philosophical novel now reached the land of only hindu nation of world, Nepal. Author claims that this book is purely a grace and they are only chosen as medium to widespread this grace to its readers. In the orbital growth of this book it has widespread among its readers and philosophy lovers. Smt. Indu Jain, Narayan Murthy, Shashi Tharoor, Salman Khurshid, Karmapa, Dalai Lama, Mauritius President Sir Anerood Jagnauth are in the list of admirer of the book.

Author Manoj Thakkar and Rashmi Chhazed has explained the journey of self realization in very beautiful words that content became so easy for the deep subject like this. Manoj Thakkar a.k.a Meenu Bhai is indulged in contributing his bit for the youth of the nation. He is an inspiration behind United Works Corporation, an organization by his students where nobody is employee and everybody is owner. He believes that youth of our nation is rich in intellect and posses great energy but the direction of energy is not channelized. People come to him to seek his advice on daily life issues where they unnecessarily engage their focus, energy and strength. He then channelize the energy and brings out the real youth inside them who is calm & composed yet oriented towards the development of self and nation. He says youth must have a fine balance between materialism and spiritualism which will help in enhancing the right potential of Indian youth.

As a teacher he comments that Right teacher is one who believes in making of his student not himself. The story of book draws its base on the search of guru and importance of a Guru in one’s life. Kashi Marnanmukti presents chapter of events that ends up inspiring towards self actualization.

Meenu Bhai chose not to sale his book but on the request of publisher & his students he agreed on term that proceedings from the book shall be utilized for the social cause exclusively. After third edition in one year, the first step has been taken for utilizing the funds by buying an acre land to establish world class facility for mentally retarded children and there are few more projects planned under this.