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"Kashi Marnanmukti" Honored Thrice in 3 Months

Colombo, April 5th, 2012

Author of the book Kashi Marnanmukti, Mr. Manoj Thakkar was honored & appreciated by Srilankan Prime minister Shri D M Jayaratne for his creation here on Thursday . Kashi Marnanmukti, a wonderful Hindi novel written by Mr. Thakkar and his disciple, Ms. Rashmi Chhazed scripts mystery of Benaras and true meaning of being self so well that a real seeker can quench his spiritual thirst through it. Welcoming of Author Shri Thakkar & United Works Corporation (UWC) Members by Shri Jayaratne was deeply appreciable as he was strictly directed by his doctor not to meet anybody due to his illness since from last 5 days he was suffering from Asthma. They had a discussion over World issues & literature for 2 hrs even with being little weak. He was of opinion that western countries are dividing eastern countries for their economic benefits since the last few centuries. But due to our cultural richness it is hard for them today and will be hard tomorrow.

While taking a glance and listening to the gist of the book Kashi Marnanmukti by its author, PM got emotionally connected and said that this kind of literature opens the door to spiritual height and is a symbol of unity for all religion be it Hindu, Muslim or Buddhism. This wealthy literature is our life and spirit too and no one can disjoin the impact of real literature. The impact can be seen in coming years when cultural rich countries like India and China will beat developed countries like US. He continued that the way people from his small nation Sri Lanka live with peace and unity and if the same unity can be followed by other eastern nations then no one can divide us like USSR. This unity is based on cultural unity and this comes through rich literature alike Kashi Marnanmukti. Honoring Shri Thakkar he presented Chronicle on culture of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). He also invited UWC to invest in Lanka describing the bright opportunity and potential lies in the sector of food processing and wealth management. He ended the discussion by concluding that the gates of his nation are always open for youth who can work in this arena.

Recently Shri Thakkar received an state honor by President of Mauritius Sir Anerood Jagnauth and President of Nepal Dr RamBaran Yadav in respective countries. It was third honor in last 3 months for the book and his author. Sir Jagnauth’s words were that the content of the book will help the world to understand oneself and this is not only a novel but a message to people seeking the real self and Dr Yadav complimented that this book is world heritage in Indian Philosophy.

Thakkar claims that this honor is only possible by the grace of his Guru Sirdi Sai Baba and he is just chosen as a medium to write the book. This book has great content along with the motive that the proceeding of book shall be utilized exclusively for social cause.