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kashi marnanmukti launched by Smt.Indu Jain,Times group Chairman

Saturday, 18th September 2010, New Delhi.

‘Kashi Marnanmukti’, a hindi philosophic novel based on the spiritual journey of a Chandaal was released by Smt. Indu Jain, Chairperson of The Times Group in a private gathering held at her residence in New Delhi on 18th September.

This novel written by Shri Manoj Thakkar and Ku. Rashmi Chhazed is a story based on the life of its protagonist ‘Maha’ who in the course of his spiritual journey to find his Guru, finds enlightenment and touches the height of divinity. Today Indian generation is getting diverted towards western civilization when the west itself is looking upon Indian culture and India's spiritual teachings. The novel includes messages from Vedas, Puraans and Upanishads which seem difficult to comprehend to today’s generation in their original form while here that same content is much more understandable since it is available in a simpler narrative form like a story. These epics have been in the existence for ages together and this book follows the same path enriching Hindi literature and philosophy in its journey for enlightening the people through its messages and would be ‘amar’ in the minds of people.

It signifies aloud that you are born to realize that you and the energy that created you are inseparable. ‘Guru, god and self are one’. The work is permeated by what may be called as the zenith that a man can touch during his life span, irrespective of the background to which he belongs. This book does not provide any technique of life transformation rather it is an effort to enable each one of us to understand ourselves, to realise our obscured potential by constantly learning and developing insights into one’s life purely with the vision to reimburse the best back to our society.

The novel covers the philosophy of many great Philosophers like Sant Kabir, Tulsidasji, and Chanakya. It throws light on the Guru-shishya relationship which in actual sense has lost its meaning in today’s material world. Guru is the wisdom light who makes our way through the inner darkness to lead our path towards the final destiny. It is very well said “dhuup chaon ke is khel ko samajh kar uske paar jhankne wala insan hi logon ko uss paar jhankne ke liye prerit kar sakta hai”. Only a Guru can lead the way of millions of students who are in their journey for the search of eternal truth finding their ultimate destiny.

Shri Manoj Thakkar has also written ‘Pran Kavya’ (philosophy) which was released by ‘Bharat Ratna Late Shri Bismillah Khan Saheb’. It was also appreciated by many renowned authors and artist from various sectors across the nation. Some of the eminent known authors were of the opinion that “Giving reviews on such a high level content is beyond our scope.” When Pran Kavya was completed, Shri Thakkar chose not to sell and therefore all copies till now have been presented free to all.

Ms. Rashmi Chhazed, a young and enthusiastic person symbolizes an ideal youth of today. An MBA by qualification, she is a great source of inspiration; encouraging people to help themselves through their own understanding and improve each day through self observations. Helping people selflessly and growing with others is another unique quality which she possesses.

The authors feels that by the grace of god and mystery of Varanasi, the character of this book has come by himself and that ‘shareer rupi Kashipuri iss kitaab ke maadhyam se khulti hai’; they believes that they are only the medium and thankful to god that thou has chosen them as a medium for writing this book. ‘Aatma Bhav ke sadhte hi deh rupi Kashi ka nidhan ho jata hai aur manushya mukti ko prapt ho jata hai, issi ko Kashi Marnanmukti kehte hain’. This is the basic content of the book and somewhere their colleagues feels that they are blessed that they have seen this writing at the stage of its first draft.

The book release function witnessed the presence of only close members from the author’s families and the way Mrs. Jain hosted the event only authenticates her simplicity and humility. We were delighted to have great Gyanpeeth Award winner shree Kunwar Narayan Ji at the book release. The book has been published by Shiv Om Sai Prakashan, Indore and the publishers are very happy to see the pre-release excitement regarding their book. They have already received the bulk orders from many corporate houses and institutions to be distributed as corporate and festival gifts. The book will shortly be available on all major book stores across India.